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Caskett moments : head kisses 

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s3 deleted scene ” Father of the bride”


Reblogging this again to list the head canons it confirms.

Henry loved Regina, but he was a weak parent, and he let Cora do what Cora did, offered his daughter vague and unhelpful comfort.

Regina only ever wanted to be loved and happy. She did not want to be queen; she did not care about that.

Regina did not blame Cora (and still doesn’t) even though she’s the one who crushed Daniel’s heart.

Regina believes she cannot ever love again, and that nobody will ever love her.

Daniel was the only thing truly good in her life, and his loss meant the loss of anything she wanted to live for.

Regina grew up in a prison, was forced into an unwanted marriage, and was moved to another.

Regina believed (believes) she will never be happy again.

Even if Leopold were not a creep, Regina was not given the space or time to even be capable of growing to have any affection for him. Amazingly, she still managed to develop love for his daughter.

Also throwing this on here for reference:

I will never love again

And no one will ever love me.

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That dress Regina wears in the Father of the Bride deleted scene is the same one she wore when Daniel died in The Stable Boy.





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Who put the sticks up their butts?

An Actual, Legitimate Quote from Guardians of the Galaxy that was Actually Said, I Swear to God (via mysticpotstickers)

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This is what they’ll be like when their daughter has her first date


This is what they’ll be like when their daughter has her first date


the second pic is the HQ version of the original pic at the top


marvel + ladies

favourite characters: Virginia "Pepper" Potts (3/6)

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